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picspam - Shadow Magic dream casting

I recently re-read Shadow Magic (after finishing Steelhands - my feelings: I have many of them), and couldn't help but indulge in a bit of dream casting. Because I have some time on my hands (and also appear to have watched a lot of Japanese television): click here for dream cast/picspam

(I originally wanted to post direct to the comm but I think the width of my pictures disagreed with the lovely layout.)

Niall Wallpapers (and one Niall/Luvander)

Looky! Wallpapers on the comm, because I was getting really effin' tired of someone distributing them all over the internet without my permission.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Guys, I am pretty anal retentive about my stuff being posted elsewhere WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. What happens in the comm, stays in the comm. I don't want to find these over on Fanpop, DeviantArt or other sites. 

Also, don't alter these or claim them as your own. Art theft sort of breaks my pervish heart, alright? Plus, it's a blatant lack of respect for the hours of work I put into these.
A/M: Yuuko = Pretty as a princess!


Although some people have already gotten this party started...

Today is the official picspam free-for-all!

Your choice of missions for the comments to this entry:
1) Make or pimp some icons.
2) Make or pimp some fanart.
3) Make or pimp some lol!Haves.
4) Post pics of who you would cast in the Havemercy movie.

If you'd like a clean version of the picture of Have from the cover, here is a large-ish version that I shamelessly stole off of the artist's site. (The artist's name is Stephen Youll, btw! He's pretty neat!)

I expect the crack to flow freely today. After Day 3, I have high expectations of you guys. :D