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The kink meme

Here it is - a new meme:


So... considering that we are still more or less alive (barely, but hey, maybe the new book will change things?), I noticed that over at the Anonymous Fic/Art Exchange(aka kink-meme), anonymous comments are getting screened. I'm not sure if the admins are actually still actively around to change this, so I was thinking of creating a new Havemercy kink account where old prompts could get reposted if they are to be filled anonymously. Would you be interested in that? I won't do it if it's not necessary, but I think having an anonymous kink-meme where you can't comment anonymously kind of defeats the purpose.

Havemercy Thom quote

Hi there~

Since it's fairly quiet at the moment, I'd like to inform you that on the Havemercy kink-meme's index, the fills have been sorted by pairings for your convenience XD (That actually happened quite a while ago, I just never got around to mention it...)

New pairing-index is here.

Actually, I'd like to pimp out the whole kink-meme once again. It needs looo~ve! ^^

httyd--hiccup and toothless
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kink meme fill completed and edited! :)

Title: In Thunder, Lightning, Or In Rain
Author: nebulia @ con_noncuranza
Summary: "When shall we three meet again/in thunder, lightning, or in rain?" –Macbeth. Kink meme fill, from this prompt: Rook/Thom, Modern!AU Rook is super rich (reason is up to you) and has a pet hawk named Havemercy. They go for walks everyday (again, reason up to you. Is Rook secretly a taking-walks kinda guy? Maybe he likes to glare at small children?) and take the same route. One day Have, who tries to bite the fingers off anyone but him, flies over to a brunette, bespectacled artist in some place (park? coffee shop? garbage can?) and hangs out with him. Rook is not amused.
Rating: NC-17. Explicit and occasionally rough sex, light bondage, talk of violence, strong, strong language. It's entirely from Rook's POV, guys. Lots of language, much of it not nice, some of it derogatory to women, gay men, and the Ke-Han.
Length: Fucking long. 16,000+words.
AND!! Awesome fanart by the fantastic ebonykat here!!!! Yay!

I would have ignored him, and probably gone to the other side of the road just in case Havemercy decided she really didn't like that one and she was going to go bite his fucking fingers off (I'd had to deal with that enough already when Luvander or Ghislain or Adamo and Balfour came over the apartment, and now she tolerated them (sort of, she didn't really like Balfour, which made plenty of sense since I didn't like Balfour) and the cook and the meat bun lady and me and that was it), but Have jumped off my shoulder as we got near the stand and landed on the table next to him and just stood there.

Pimpin' the kink meme

I just got the message that, apparently, my copy of 'Dragon Soul' has been shipped today O_o ! Excited me is excited!

So I thought I could use this as the perfect opportunity to once again pimp out our beloved


If you have problems getting started or don't know how to best navigate through it: There's an index for this and the old meme right here!

Hope this is allowed~

New Fic/Art Exchange/Kinkmeme Index!

Since the index for the Fic/Art Exchange/Kinkmeme in that one post here is getting longer and longer and thus is not exactly easy to navigate anymore, I chose to create a new community as a bigger, more structured index.
I really love it how you people keep the meme going - there are much, much bigger fandoms where the memes keep dying - but yeah, this fandom is more awesome than most fandoms, anyway!

Thus: Have a shiny new index!

(Btw, we really should do another friendingmeme but I got no clue whatsoever how to create one, with the template and all... @__@
AND - as suggested in the comments - who would be able to create a chatroom?)

The friending meme? (and other memes)

Hey there.

I've been sneaking around the friending meme from back then and I was wondering - what about having a new round? The old one is... well, really old by now and really, really far back in the community and I think there are quite a few new members who would be interested?

Another thing!

The kink-meme: While we still have a wonderfull fill ratio for such a more or less small fandom, wouldn't it be great to have even more fills? Especially the old kink meme is completely dead and there are some wonderful prompts in there ~

Anyway, just pimping it out again - the index with all relevant links is here.

Thank you for your attention!

Fic/Art Exchange/Kinkmeme INDEX!

The INDEX for the Fic/Art Exchange/Kinkmeme - New and Old.
Frequently updated!

No longer updated, please refer to this new index in the future:

New Havemercy Fic/Art Exchange/Kinkmeme Index

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Now. I got the new meme tracked, so I'll know when there is a new fill - but if you fill something in the old one and want it appearing on the index, you'll have to tell me here, alright?

Hope this is helpful! If there are any broken links, or any other suggestions, please don't hesitate telling me.