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Friending meme! HELL TO THE YES

Hey guys! Sorry this is a little late, I think we all know by now how easily distracted I am. The posts should be going up around midnight every Tuesday, but midnight is really more of a guideline and it will most likely be midnight-ish. 

So, here's what we're gonna do! Stolen straight from the friending meme of yore (with a few modifications) you can copy/paste the following:

find people you like, let them know where you'll be friending them, and go nuts! make friends, have fun!

ALSO: for those of you who don't know, Jaida and Dani are now on facebook, twitter, and even tumblr! GO SPAM THEM WITH LOVE!

edit: bahhhh LJ hates joy, I'm working on fixing the stuff in the box, sorry :(
ETA #2: LJ hates joy even more than I thought and is flagging random comments as "suspicious." I'm unflagging as fast as I can, sorry if you've been having problems!
life is the bubbles

*deep breath*


First of all, it's POLL TIME! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I have hopefully covered all my bases on this one which is why it took a while, but here goes. PLEASE NOTE: if you don't know what something is, pop into the comments and I'm sure between myself and the upstanding members of this community, someone will be able to answer your question. Also, I know it'll be hard, but please only vote for as many events as you'd like to actually see or participate in. For example, if you don't want a million revival posts so you only ask for there to be 1-3, please don't vote for seven things. If everyone votes for everything I'll likely lose my mind. If I've forgotten something (likely) and there's not enough characters allowed within the poll, throw it in the comments! I'll be keeping track. 

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SECONDLY: I am starting to rev up my push to expand our tag system, which is a little... defunct as of right now. SO. In an attempt to not spam the community and your flists with housekeeping posts any more than I already am, immediately after posting this entry I'll be commenting on it with instructions for where to make your opinion on what tags you feel are necessary. 

THIRD: I have acquired permission to use someone else's code to get us a search bar that allows for searches by username. This will seriously help people in retroactive tagging of their own work (because as much as I love y'all, I'm not back-tagging everything by mysef) as well as finding older works by authors/artists you like. The person whose code I'm using is currently on vacation but when they get back that'll be going up. So yay!

FOURTH: I know I promised non-LJapp mobile browsing but hours of digging reveals that's not really possible. It's less a me-fail and more of a LiveJournal-fail, as they're not completely set up for all pages to be compatible with the variety of smartphone browsers. It's not that we don't have something enabled or a box checked or anything, it's that the option simply doesn't exist for me to opt-in to. I don't know if anyone cared about this but me, but I'm sorry :(

I THINK THAT'S IT. Watch this space for updates because if I think of anything else in the next few days it'll go here and not in a new post. As always I am available to be contacted either here or in the page-a-mod post. As a thank you, here's an interview with Jaida and Danielle from 2010 that I know I hadn't seen before. It's got some fun stories about the inspiration for Havemercy as well as the publishing process!
life is the bubbles

[insert appropriate Slim Shady lyrics about comebacks here]

Okay, guys. I think it's time fandom had a serious talk. We used to get up to some pretty insane shenanigans around here, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed it's been much quieter than usual. I'm baffled! And I'm not willing to just sit back and let people call us a dead fandom. We're far from dead! Why, just today there were MULTIPLE POSTS in the Havemercy tag on tumblr, and NONE of them were accidental "have mercy" tags from instagram. And only two of them were me.


a series of fun fandom events designed to stimulate activity! maybe not as intense as, say, the homepage spotlight week from back in the day (anyone else remember 2008? no? okay.) because I am aware that not everyone has as little to do as I do but we could get a general consensus and do something every few days! or once a week! or, if I'm full of shit and totally alone in wanting this, not at all!

  • tumblr friending meme!
  • normal friending meme!
  • capslock extravaganza!
  • synctube watch-along of something ridiculous and completely unrelated to Havemercy that we then try to insert Havemercy characters into (example: "omg I think Caius is definitely Elle Woods here, and his tigers are the little dog")!
  • doodlefest!
  • drabblefest!
  • contests of some sort!
  • collective fandom rewrite of 50 Shades of Grey featuring our favorite characters from the series! (bonus points for gratuitous use of the word "there!")
  • fandom mashups! Havengers! Havelock! Whovemercy! Gleemercy!

Seriously guys, this could be SUPER FUN if we get enough people involved. And don't any of you pull the "but there's nothing new to work with" nonsense on me, we got a WHOLE NEW BOOK last August and this comm barely twitched! WE CAN DO IT.

So I guess basically this post is for brainstorming/assessing interest. SO PLEASE, IF YOU CARE EVEN A LITTLE BIT AND ARE WILLING TO PARTICIPATE, SAY SOMETHING. It doesn't even have to be readable! Or words! Any clear indicator of affirmation will do. Because I'm going to whine until I can either make this happen or get irrefutable proof that it never will.

ETA: YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL HOLY SHIT THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT. I'll see what I can do about getting polls up about events/timing and I'll probably page the mods at some point to try and get them involved too. GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING, FOLKS.

mods, as usual if I'm out of line please feel free to intervene