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Holiday Gift Exchange Fanfic!

There's been a fandom holiday gift exchange underway at tumblr, in the tag #festivebastion if you're over there. I thought I'd make a post here and add links to all the fics and arts as they go up, so there's a record here all in one place. Posting runs from today until December 18th so I'll add links here as we go!


Five Plus One Airmen Luvander Falls In Love With At Christmas
Luvander has a habit of falling in love over Christmas. Pity it usually ends in heartbreak. For the prompt "Festive Luvander, any way you want him. Other Airmen welcome. Bonus points for seasonal singing."
(by moonix for seagreenish/luvanderwon)

Reporting For Duty
In which Laure salutes a lot, Adamo is really not her commanding officer, the dragons are difficult and literally nobody likes Troius. Post-Steelhands.
(by seagreenish/luvanderwon for foxesonstilts)

one look, dark room, meant just for you
Antoinette finds Anastasia in the library.
(by elliefish for spacenaiads)

I Cannot See What Flowers Are At My Feet
They had flown once, and now he was watering tulips.
(by spacenaiads for edgewcrth)

Antoinette finds Anastasia in the library.
(art by elliefish for spacenaiads to go with one look, dark room, meant just for you)

Anastasia/Antoinette: Hipster Punk Girlfriends
(art by foxesonstilts for greaseonmymouth)

to be continued!
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Volstovic Cycle Gift Exchange

Hello, fellow remnants of LJ users! I just wanted to draw your attention to a Volstovic Cycle Gift Exchange which is happening over on tumblr - it would be great to get as many fandom participants as possible since we're so few in the first place, so please join in if you can, or spread the word if you can't! I've copied the text below, and the link to the original post is here.

Also, if you'd like to take part but you don't have a tumblr and don't want to get one just for this, I'm sure using your LJ (or AO3 if you have it) account would be fine, too - I've got a Volstovic Cycle Only tumblr where I'd be happy to host the links to your gifts for you come exchange time if anybody wants to be a non-tumblring participant.

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(in my head we all live here shhhhh)

so a while back (by which I mean years, it would have been late 2010/early 2011) I got my hands on the French translation of Havemercy, a book called Misericorde with this badass cover. At the time (I'm not totally sure if this is still the case) it was pretty difficult to get your hands on outside of actual France, but I happened to have a good friend studying abroad there when it was published (I have since studied there myself and will never forgive myself for not picking up a few more copies) so I do own the actual book.

I knew there were a few French-speaking people in fandom at the time, so I offered to loan out my copy to those who were interested. A few people took me up on the offer, and I've just recently gotten the book back after it made the rounds of several states and even Great Britain!

However, fandom now and fandom two years ago are very different things, and I know we have a LOT of new faces, so I figured I'd re-extend the offer! It's actually really cool to have like... a collective fandom copy of something, I've been having people hand-write their favorite passages in the front cover so it's like actualfax fandom history. Or something.

tl;dr- if you speak French and want to read Havemercy in French, I have a copy that might be fun for you to borrow. let me know if you're interested! international shipping is no problemo, we've done it before so surely it can be done again
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Hey! I asked this on tumblr a while ago but I just realized that tumblr has never really been this fandom's base of operations. I'M SORRY I AM AWFUL AT THE INTERNET /o\

anyway, this December marks the FOURTH ANNIVERSARY of this community being featured in the LJ spotlight, a week which brought many (including myself) into the loving arms of this fandom. would anyone be interested in celebrating with a fandom movie night? I'm thinking tinychat/google hangout/synctube/etc with something like How To Train Your Dragon and we can all watch and talk about how Hiccup is basically Hal and LOTS OF FUN AND MERRIMENT WILL BE HAD

I know timezones are hard but depending on who's interested I'm sure we can work something out. anyone in?
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Looks like it's time for a...

WOOHOO! Man, I do not get to make enough of these. Here we go!

Good news item #1: fandom revival fun has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response so lots of things will start happening very soon. Step one is me getting my google on and finding a way to poll people (because I'm too cheap to upgrade my account I can't post straight up LJ polls oh wait maybe I can? WE'LL SOON FIND OUT) to figure out what events people want to see and the timing and intervals of said events and ALL THAT GREAT LOGISTICAL STUFF.

Good news item #2: Say hello to your new mod... me! After talking to our lovely other mods, I was brought aboard because I have BIG PLANS. My goals include: revamping and upgrading the tag system, get us a search-bar functionality that will allow us to search for posts by a specific user, and trying to set up mobile browsing option (I noticed today I couldn't view the comm in the mobile version on my smartphone's browser!). Please do not hunt me down and burn me if I cannot accomplish any of these things for some reason but I promise I will do my best to try and make it happen! 

So yeah! Sorry for two posts (and probably a few more in the near future) in a row, but I wanted to update you all and let you know what was going on. Also if you have any feedback/comments/suggestions you're welcome to put them here, though I will hopefully soon be setting up a "page a mod" post where anon will be enabled and comments will be screened, and you're always welcome to message me directly (for those who've not been successful pm-ing me in the past, I literally just figured out what was wrong and have hopefully corrected the problem). 


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[insert appropriate Slim Shady lyrics about comebacks here]

Okay, guys. I think it's time fandom had a serious talk. We used to get up to some pretty insane shenanigans around here, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed it's been much quieter than usual. I'm baffled! And I'm not willing to just sit back and let people call us a dead fandom. We're far from dead! Why, just today there were MULTIPLE POSTS in the Havemercy tag on tumblr, and NONE of them were accidental "have mercy" tags from instagram. And only two of them were me.


a series of fun fandom events designed to stimulate activity! maybe not as intense as, say, the homepage spotlight week from back in the day (anyone else remember 2008? no? okay.) because I am aware that not everyone has as little to do as I do but we could get a general consensus and do something every few days! or once a week! or, if I'm full of shit and totally alone in wanting this, not at all!

  • tumblr friending meme!
  • normal friending meme!
  • capslock extravaganza!
  • synctube watch-along of something ridiculous and completely unrelated to Havemercy that we then try to insert Havemercy characters into (example: "omg I think Caius is definitely Elle Woods here, and his tigers are the little dog")!
  • doodlefest!
  • drabblefest!
  • contests of some sort!
  • collective fandom rewrite of 50 Shades of Grey featuring our favorite characters from the series! (bonus points for gratuitous use of the word "there!")
  • fandom mashups! Havengers! Havelock! Whovemercy! Gleemercy!

Seriously guys, this could be SUPER FUN if we get enough people involved. And don't any of you pull the "but there's nothing new to work with" nonsense on me, we got a WHOLE NEW BOOK last August and this comm barely twitched! WE CAN DO IT.

So I guess basically this post is for brainstorming/assessing interest. SO PLEASE, IF YOU CARE EVEN A LITTLE BIT AND ARE WILLING TO PARTICIPATE, SAY SOMETHING. It doesn't even have to be readable! Or words! Any clear indicator of affirmation will do. Because I'm going to whine until I can either make this happen or get irrefutable proof that it never will.

ETA: YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL HOLY SHIT THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT. I'll see what I can do about getting polls up about events/timing and I'll probably page the mods at some point to try and get them involved too. GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING, FOLKS.

mods, as usual if I'm out of line please feel free to intervene

Editor's Article on Havemercy

Not sure if this has been shared here or not... but in any case, it's an article for "Dragon Week" at suvudu.com, which features an interview with jaidani along with a snippet by Anne Groell of Spectra about working with the two of them.

Here's the original article: 25 Years of Spectra: HAVEMERCY

And just in case that goes down for some reason, here's a lamer, text-only version I cut and pasted: Collapse )

Dragon Corps New Recruit Quiz

Congratulations on becoming a new recruit to the Dragon Corps! While here, you will be expected to undergo a number of examinations, both physical and mental, to test your mettle as a pilot. The first of these tests will determine mental acuity and intellectual fitness. The use of pencil and paper are permitted, but no outside reference material may be used.

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fic challenge?

So, I was reading Dragon Soul, and thinking about the two previous books:

I like Ivory (though I dislike how he's not really creepy and psycopathic in fandom nowadays), and I like Raphael, and I like Rook and Thom and Hal and Roy and Caius and Al, etc., etc., etc.

But I also love Josette and Temur and Ghislain and Ace and even Mamoru and Kouje (because sometimes it feels like they are minor characters and not narrators, I think) and Marius and Iseul and etc., etc., etc., and I would love to see more fic/art of the wonderful minor characters that are so beautifully written despite their smaller, non-narrative roles.

So! Would anyone be interested in some kind of fic/art challenge/contest/party/minor character anonish meme/etc.? I don't necessarily mean specific deadlines or anything, unless that was wanted, but some sort of fun festival featuring the minor characters (or the overlooked ones, but specifically those who aren't given a narrative voice).

Would anyone be interested in something like that?

Mods, delete if this isn't allowed!