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Havemercy's First Fan Community

Metal dragons! Gay magicians! Explosions!

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Discussion of Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett's novels, Havemercy and sequels
Havemercy is the first in a series of novels written by Jaida Jones, ladyjaida, and Danielle Bennett, danibennett. The sequels are Shadow Magic, Dragon Soul, and last but not least- Steelhands! The books are character-driven fantasy with steampunk elements (or "magicpunk", as one of the Amazon reviews terms it.)

This community is rather neglectfully modded by splintercat and search_soleil; we don't do much, but we're definitely around if you have any concerns or questions about the comm. (okay, I'm really here now!) Recent addition linguabriana is thrilled to be aboard, and any inappropriate use of gifs can probably be attributed to her.

a few REQUESTS from the mods:
1. Please tag your posts with the appropriate tags! (working on adding more tags now, you guys.) (no really, we are, I promise)

2. Please be nice! We've been lucky enough not to have any problems with ship wars or anything like that; let's keep it that way, please.

3. Need help with something? Check out the page-a-mod post to get in touch directly.

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