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fushicho_eien in thremedon

Parts 5 & 6 of Peacock at the Prom

Haha... I better put something here so it doesnt get lost in the flood of new posts.. 

So, as (again) requested by  artemisrampant,(is she the only one reading this?) 
*Part 5*
Oh, I am sorry, boys, that you have to deal with two such fangirls as us. Face it, we like seeing you squirm.
Well this is wonderful I thought, looking behind me at DG as she joined Koriki and her friends. “And what did she say about it?” I didn’t want to lose a friend, and it’s not as if the deception was mine. Apparently, I look enough like a girl to convince anyone.
Alcibiades leaned closer so the two approaching girls—sisters, I think they said they were—wouldn’t overhear our conversation. “She didn’t say much of anything, just asked. Wasn’t sure what to say, what you’d want me to say”
“Oh, by all means, my dear, tell the truth” I said, then looked over at the girls who were standing a polite distance away, waiting for us to finish and talking among themselves.
Alcibiades looked at the darker girl—darker in both hair and clothes, making her pale skin stand out even more—and asked gruffly “What do you want?”
The blonde, who was dressed in light pastels, laughed nervously, leaning into her sister and saying something in a language we couldn’t understand. The other sister said something back, nodding, then looked at me and said “Why are you shopping for dresses? You’re a guy. A very feminine guy, mind,” her sister slapped her. “Well, it’s true” she said, now addressing the blonde, “Feminine, but a man nonetheless.”
Alcibiades shifted nervously, but I felt a strange sense of relief. However, instead of addressing the issue at hand, I only said “Because I feel more comfortable in them, my dear. I don’t believe you gave your names when we were introducing ourselves? What are they?”
“My name’s Ellie, and my sister’s Lex” the dark haired one said, nodding over to the blonde who was hanging on her arm.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you both.” I said. Alcibiades was still fidgeting, the poor dear, in the face of more girls. I could only hope that neither decided they wanted him for themselves. “I don’t know if you caught our names, but my name is Caius Greylace and this,” I gestured elegantly next to me “Is the General Alcibiades—“
“Told you to stop calling me that” he said, finally speaking again, though gruffly. I would have to speak to him about that. “Nothing to be a general of anymore, anyway.”
“I understand” Ellie said, looking at Alcibiades gently. I was going to have to watch that one.
“Now that you’re taken care of,” Lex said, distracting me from contemplating her sister’s possible death “Perhaps we should look into getting our dear general something appropriate to wear to the Prom?”
Now, Lex, I liked already.
“True” I said “But what of you two? You need dresses”
“Ellie and I already have our dresses, don’t worry. Is there a certain color--?”
“Anything but blue.” I said hastily. “He hates blue”

*Part 6*
To really make you readers confused, DG and Koriki are now taking over... Don't worry, the boys will return soon...
"Koriki, what the hell are you doing?" I cringed at that voice. My older (and more magicly endowed)sister was certainly at her last rope.
"What? I can't flirt with someone else's date?" I snarled as Azra walked over and gave me a cold stare. Damn, that demon was annoying.
"Not tonight you can't. Mom said to make sure you toook your meds, and I still don't know how you managed to drag me and Az in on this whole thing... I graduated last year!" DG snapped as she took a sip of her coffee. I turned to see that Cai and Al were talking to the "twins" and were looking quite nervous about it. Azra was snaking her hand down Dg's leg again, though, so my sister would be fine... for now...

And I did promise more of Al, didn't I?
"A suit?" I was surprised at the fact that Caius was calm with Lex and Ellie's knowledge of the fact that he wasn't a girl, but I wasn't so sure on wearing a suit. BUt the three of them were discussing colors and such, meaning that I was going to be stuck with listening to them talk for a bit longer before being subjected to more shopping, which I was now sure was some kind of form of torture in this world.
"'Scuse me, but you're in the way." I turned to see that one of the girls had come by, the one that was DG's date if I remembered right. Looking behind me, I noticed that I was in the way, considering that I had been standing in front of the trash can... "I'm Azra, by the way General." She smiled but it wasn't a nice one. It seemed more like a warning a predator gave to prey. Before I could respond, however, DG came to my rescue.
"Az, sweetie, leave the poor man alone. If you want to torment someone, try my sister." She pointed at Koriki, who was busy flirting with two of the boys. Then she leaned over toward Caius.
"Excuse me, Cai, but I'd hate to drag you from finding the right color tux for Al... I just have to know, are you a guy or a girl? I mean, I don't really care, but I just was wondering..." Oh great here we go with the nervous rambling. From Azra's sigh, it seemed we were thinking the same thing. Lex and Ellie just rolled their eyes, but Caius smiled and laughed.
"Does it really matter?"
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*giggles* There are too many OCs to keep track of, but it's still way fun. Caius throws everybody off, especially the mainstream high school crowd...I can't wait to see how the whole school will react to him.

lol.. there's only Azra, DG, and Koriki from DragonGem and Ellie and Lex from me.. I need to post the rest of these, what's written.. it kinda got abandoned..
Whoa, many much comment replies! Somebody's been away for a while, hmm? ;)