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fushicho_eien in thremedon

Another fanfic

Okay, I feel like a community whore.. I'm the only one posting.. grr

but anyway, the fic..

Dont click if you dont like manlove, please?? I dont want to get in trouble.

for karesu 'cause she wanted me to post it when I told her there was a third part to the "Cabin" fic

He wasn’t my first, no, not my first love. He was, however, the first I submitted to. I don’t like being controlled, not at all, but there’s just something so safe about Alcibiades. I know he won’t hurt me, even though he acts like he wants to sometimes, but that’s just because I pester him. The thing is, I want him to pin me to the walls, and floor, and anything else. I actually like it, the warm strength of his hands as he holds me, pulls me around. It’s so… so… Ah, well, this isn’t really something I can explain.
I know for one, I’ll never use my magic on him, except to relieve his headaches. I don’t think I could handle him ending up like Margrave Aulame. Never again. Anyway, I don’t see why I would need to control him. He’s perfect already. He’s my Alcibiades, and he likes it that way. I most certainly like it that way.
I knew from the moment I first set eyes on him, that we’d be best friends. I had no idea, however, that we’d become lovers, but it was, in the end, his choice. It was what he wanted, and whatever my Al wants, my Al gets. I’m powerless to deny him anything. I suppose that’s his power over me. I know I would go to the ends of the earth, through the nastiest, dirtiest places, just to ensure that he gets exactly what he wants, no matter what it is. For example, he will never have to set foot in Ke-Han again, even if I have to use my powers on the Esar himself. Though, I do need to find a way to get him some of those dumplings. He’s been having awful cravings for them. Perhaps, if I wrote Josette and Lord Temur…
“Caius,” he whispered in my ear, running his hand down my side to rest on my hip. “You’re oddly quiet. What’s wrong?”
“Hmm? Oh,” I was still plotting, “Trying to figure out a way to get you some dumplings without you having to go back to Ke-Han.”
He chuckled—he’s been doing a lot of that since we moved into the cabin—and kissed the back of my neck.
“You don’t have to do that, Caius.”
“You want dumplings.” Case in point.
“But, you don’t have to get them for me.”
“You don’t want to go back to Ke-Han, but you want the dumplings. Of course, I have to get them for you,” I turned to see his face, laying my hand on his shoulder. “Not to mention, I want to get them for you.”
He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against mine, placing his other hand on my hip and pulling me closer. “Caius,” he breathed—oh, how I love that sound. “You don’t have to do anything. But if you want to go back to Ke-Han, I’m going with you. And you might as well get yourself some new, ah, dresses,” he got this funny look on his face, like he was trying not to laugh, “Because, I think you’ve worn most of yours, and I’ve, ah, become quite fond of them. On you, that is.”
“But you don’t want to go back! But you’re right. I do need more robes.”
“I’d go with you. You make Ke-Han more entertaining. Anyway, who’d carry all your damn boxes and bags if not me. You gonna get another guy?” he asked, feigning jealousy, then grinned, “Not to mention, the dumplings are much better fresh. Found that out about a month ago when Josette and Lord Temur sent me some.”
So, he had gone the Josette path. I laughed, thinking of the extents the man would go sometimes, to get what he wanted—yet another reason I couldn’t help granting his wishes, since he would go so far as to possibly have his dumplings smashed in the mail—then gasped as he pulled me firmly against him. His eyes had darkened to the color of rich chocolate, and there was a very conspicuous something pressing against my stomach. I could feel my body reacting.
“But, we’re not goingany-damn-where right now,” he said, voice rough. “What I want to do right now doesn’t have anything to do with rough-as-all-hell, bastion-damned carriages or the Ke-Han whoresons, no matter how good those dumplings are. What I want to do is pin you to that bed over there and fuck you so hard you never want me to stop” He leaned forward, rubbing himself against me, nibbled my earlobe, and whispered “Then, I want you to fuck me.”
If I wasn’t aroused before, I certainly was now. I moaned into the kiss, grinding against him—ah, sweet friction. It wasn’t as if he didn’t take care of me, he did, it was just that he usually liked to be in control. The fact that he wanted me to be on top was probably the most touching thing he’d ever done for me, except when he told me he loved me a week after we moved into the cabin. I remember the way he trailed his fingers along my collar bone, the light, gruff whisper, the surprising, adorable blush that spread across his cheeks, all of it, even the fear in his eyes that I might reject him. That made that the most memorable and definitely the happiest moment of my life.
I wanted him right then. I grabbed his face and brought our lips crashing together, eliciting a gasp. His hands went around the front of my body, ridding me of these stupid clothes. My hands went straight for his shirt, pulling it over his head, breaking the kiss for one horrible moment. Then he kissed me again, rough and hard and everything that was Alcibiades, and I started to work on his pants, freeing him.
Once all the barriers were gone, he picked me up and carried me to the bed, laying me down gently. Then he was on me, whispering my name over and over as he thrust. At the rate we were going, I was afraid I would not be able to fulfill the second part of his request, so I pushed him over and changed positions, whimpering at the loss of contact, then moaning loudly at the new sensation, one I hadn’t had in a long time.
Then it was over.
I was lying on top of him, my head on his chest with one of his arms around my waist, the other combing through my hair. I sighed in contentment. I had never felt so safe as when I’m in his arms. He could have asked for anything at that moment, and I would have said yes.
“Caius?” he asked, likely checking if I had fallen asleep on him.
“Yes?” I whispered
“Love you”
“I love you too, my dear Alcibiades”
“How about next time we put that talent of yours to good use?”
I laughed. “Maybe. Who knows”


Eek! Fluff! *giggles* This made me so happy. I love the idea of Caius being so...infatuated. Maybe *slightly* out of character, but fantastic fun to read.

I know, more people should really post on this comm. *looks around blankly* Oh wait...were you looking at me? *ducks head* I know, I know, I've been so obsessed with the 9 movie fandom lately that I've neglected poor Havemercy. Never fear, though, you've put me in the mood to write something for this fandom. I should go do that.
lol I know, he's a little ooc, but still.. maybe so long with a sane guy helped him

and Al's so ooc.. eek.. I wrote this a while back, you know.. before "patchwork"
No! Don't stop posting! This is lovely!
Those two. So perfect. Eee.
I have a fic that's theoretically in progress, and I will post that if I ever get my lazy bum around to finishing it. So there we go.
aww thanks :D I also have a fic in progress.. cowritten.. tricky to post, but I'll try to get it up here :D

Ooh. I want details.
Right. I am in fact going to work on it. Right now. I think I need some one to shout "Finish it!" at me every so often!
Bwahahaha that makes me so happy! Al is just like, "Umm... alright... smut time" and Caius really can't do anything about it. So great, thanks again for posting it up for us!! Absolutely adore it.
lol now YOU owe ME one :D glad you like it :D
Yes, I suppose that I do indeed need to make good on my word. What pairing do you want?
*sigh* what a silly question.. Caius and Al of course :D