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Volstovic Cycle Gift Exchange

Hello, fellow remnants of LJ users! I just wanted to draw your attention to a Volstovic Cycle Gift Exchange which is happening over on tumblr - it would be great to get as many fandom participants as possible since we're so few in the first place, so please join in if you can, or spread the word if you can't! I've copied the text below, and the link to the original post is here.

Also, if you'd like to take part but you don't have a tumblr and don't want to get one just for this, I'm sure using your LJ (or AO3 if you have it) account would be fine, too - I've got a Volstovic Cycle Only tumblr where I'd be happy to host the links to your gifts for you come exchange time if anybody wants to be a non-tumblring participant.

(originally posted by reshki.tumblr.com)

Look alive, mollyrats! It’s that time of year again!

This is a standard Secret Santa-style gift exchange for the Volstovic Cycle (Havemercy series) fandom. Gifts to be exchanged include fanart, fanfic, and, if you’re feeling really creative, photosets, graphics, or even songs! Only online formats will be permitted - nothing physical that can only be sent irl will be allowed. When you participate, you will provide three prompts or wishes you’d like to see produced. You will then be matched up with up with a gifter and a giftee. You will anonymously fill one of your giftee’s prompts, and your gifter will anonymously fill one of your prompts.

To participate in the gift exchange, please send the following information to festivebastion [at] gmail [dot] com -

1. your tumblr url

2. your name or nickname

3. three options for a prompt you would like to see filled.
be as specific as possible by providing character names, ratings, and a premise!

(examples of a good, varied set of prompts would be 1) “hal/toverre, PG-13, crack, hal wakes up to find the tower transformed into a giant cantaloupe” 2) “gen, snow white AU in which thom is kidnapped by fourteen angry airmen and shows them the healing power of four-part harmony” and 3) “mamoru and caius, modern AU, fluff, caius sits mamoru down and makes him watch friendship is magic”)

4. anything you are not comfortable producing (e.g. squicks, triggers, etc.)

5. anything you are not comfortable receiving

6. how much of the series you have read
e.g. “everything”, “only havemercy”, “everything except steelhands”, etc.

The mod will then match you up with a gifter and a giftee, and you will receive your giftee’s information via e-mail. You will fill one (1) of their requested wishes, either through fanart or fanfiction. Do not tell your giftee who you are prior to posting your gift. Please have your gift ready to post no earlier than December 8th and no later than December 18th. You are free to post it at whatever hosting site you normally use for art or fic, then put up a link on tumblr and tag it with #festivebastion, #volstovic cycle, and your giftee’s url. Fun for the whole fandom!

Since this fandom is smaller than Rook’s appreciation for proper etiquette, this event may still be cancelled in the event of lack of interest. It can be quite difficult to get the word out to the fandom since not everyone uses the #volstovic cycle tag, so please reblog this to help spread the information!
Tags: fan community, holiday greetings

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