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Look what’s here!  It’s the calendar!  A calendar filled with scantily clad airmen!  So exciting!

Do you wanna buy one?  Here’s how.

Hard Copy (gorgeous glossy paper):

Go to Redbubble!  They are $24 USD each, plus Redbubble will bill for shipping.  Make sure to change your country to Canada at the bottom of the page or else Redbubble will inflate the price.  After you order, send an email to and we will also give you a zip file of the digital calendar + artwork for your wallpapering pleasure!

Soft Copy (equally gorgeous digital calendar):

Email, where we will give you all the details!  They are $10 USD and payment will be conducted through Paypal.  With this, you will get the digital calendar and the wallpaper art!

Thanks again go out to our artists (greaseonmymouth (nerak_rose), ithinkitsdashing (ithinktsdashing), eatingfireflies (epithalamium), ningenshiken, requirings, queerprongs, casualite, foxesonstilts (vulpesvortex) along with our mods (greaseonmymouth, ithinkitsdashing, eatingfireflies, ouryoungprovost)!

Some disclaimers follow:

The characters pictured are copyright Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett, all rights reserved.  The art belongs to it’s respective artist, all applicable laws.  Any logos pertaining to Redbubble are theirs.

This calendar is being used to offset costs for the Doodlebook Project, not for personal profit.

If anything happens with the hard copy of the calendar, we are super super sorry and while we will try to help, it is ultimately Redbubble’s responsibility.  If any issues occur, feel free to message ouryoungprovost or email, but again there is only so much we can do.

Also, viewer discretion is advised- it’s a pinup calendar, and it’s the airmen.  They are scantily clad and not in the most appropriate of positions at times.  As you would expect.

(apologies for the delay in posting this to LJ!)

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