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Fancy why do a project

fushicho_eien in thremedon

Okay, so, I read a fill that was in second person and..well it kinda sent this ringing about my brain all day.. So here, have a very weird Adamo/Balfour fic.

Do you hear the crash of the man's heart breaking as your hands slips from his? Do you hear the sound of all his dreams crumbling as your beautiful face goes from hurt to betrayal, finally settling on thin-lipped anger? Yes, you hear it, don't you, lovely, the sound of the fragments of his world falling apart in his voice as he begs your forgiveness, just please forgive him. But you can't forgive him this time, can you, beautiful? He swears he won't hurt you, not again, but you're tired of it all. He did the one thing he swore—keeps swearing—he would never do, and there's no going back now.
“I love you” you say, unable, even in your fury, to deny that one small fact. “I love you, but this is too much”
He reaches for you, and you step away, stepping on his heart as you move. It hurts you to move away, too, but you deem it necessary. You know you'll lose all your words, all your resolve the moment his skin touches yours. So, even though those grey eyes beg your forgiveness, you hold your ground.
“You cant keep doing this. You're killing yourself. You're killing me” you tell him, trying to make him understand, but his eyes have closed off, cold, grey shutters against the world, and he refuses to listen anymore.
He thins his lips and turns to walk out the door, and you finally break, rushing forward to take his hand. He freezes, all tension and sadness, as you walk even closer, melting into him.
“It hurts me when you do things like that. I'm always so scared that one day, you won't come back to me.” You whisper your secrets into his shoulder, unsure if he actually hears you. He softens, turning to cup your jaw. He hears what you say, lovely, he sees the fear and worry in those beautiful eyes of yours, and he whispers a secret of his own on your lips.
“I'm sorry. I'll always come back to you”
You just hold on to him. You know he's sorry, but you also know he will do it again, go searching for a fight out of frustration, and, one day, he will not come back, so you hold him.
“I love you” you say as you melt into each other. 

Another piece of your heart has died, hasn't it, love? How much more do you have to spare? How long can you go on holding him before he falls apart completely, or you do? You think forever, but, my darling, you can't hold on forever. You both are falling apart, and there's only so much anyone can do. 



hee... thanks :D
I... am sort of in love with this. Just so you know.
Really? :D Thanks!
this is freaky and beautiful, and it works
and omg I love it

Oh.. freaky, huh.. sorry about that :D But I'm glad you like it :D THanks
freaky was a good thing. good freaky goooood freakky <3
:D oh well, like I said, glad you enjoyed..
(this coming from an Adafour shipper.. wehre the hell'd this fic come from!?)

And your icons=love
And I'm... crying. Shit.

:'( aww I'm sorry.. didnt mean to make you cry
Your approval AND Sj's!!!!!!!
*so dead from happiness*