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Motherfucking sensitivity

sweetjerry in thremedon

Too late, Balfour

Title: Too late, Balfour
Author: sweetjerry
Rating: PG-13
Parinings: Ivory/Raphael, Balfour/Adamo
Note: Well, what do you know. Another one. A weird little sort of follow-up, just because I can. Hooray!




Because Ivory honestly had no grasp on the concept of being nice to people, Raphael was the one who mostly tried to make friends with Balfour. However, Ivory thought as he watched the two of them talking, the problem with having Raphael being nice to you was that… well, was that you had to put up with Raphael being nice to you. It wasn’t easy. He loved the man dearly, of course, but he also knew him, and he had no illusions about the fact that he was a very silly man, and possibly the nosiest shit in all of Volstov. And knowing what he did about Balfour, Raphael appeared incapable of the basic courtesy that would have made him skirt tactfully around the subject of Adamo, and instead possessed with the meddlesome compulsion to bring him up at any chance he got; possibly in some kind of backward attempt to get Balfour to admit his attraction, or possibly just to see the kid squirm. Which he did. A lot. Coupled with blushing and a way of fiddling with his gloves that looked like it would soon become a habit.

However, Raphael seemed to truly enjoy Balfour’s company, and the kid was so starved for kindness that he probably would have put up with a lot worse than Raphael’s prying and teasing. Ivory decided to let it be. It wasn’t as if he could stop Raphael even if he’d wanted to.


“Uh, if you don’t mind me asking,” Balfour said, regarding Raphael cautiously, “there was this one thing that I… uhm… wondered…”

“Go on then,” Raphael said with a grin, toying with his new lace cuffs. He hadn’t been sure that he would like this new fashion, but he had to admit that it certainly looked dramatic. “I promise I won’t bite you.”

“Well, they… I mean the others… they keep calling you a cindy all the time but… but you don’t really seem to mind?” He ducked his head a bit, staring at his hands a bit. “I wouldn’t mind it so much myself, I suppose, if they didn’t say it like… well, like that. I mean, I’m not saying it’s right, I just mean that I don’t think it’s that much of an insult, really, if you think about…”

“Balfour, you’re babbling,” Raphael pointed out.

“Sorry,” Balfour muttered, blushing.

“No problem. And the reason I don’t mind is because I am a cindy. It would be pretty absurd to be insulted by the truth, no?”

Balfour stared. “What? You… What?

Raphael rolled his eyes. “They didn’t tell you? So typical of them. They probably though it was funny that you didn’t have a clue, which quite frankly says more about their sense of humor than any sane person would ever care to know.” Seeing Balfour’s crushed look, he sighed. “We’re trying to be discreet, so it’s not that strange that you didn’t notice, okay? We don’t like tempting fate, and shoving your pillow-biting habits into Rook’s face certainly qualifies as not only tempting it, but also kicking it in the balls and calling its mother a ha’penny whore.” He fell silent, frowning. “I think I might’ve let that allegory run away with me a bit. Not that I wouldn’t like to do that. Not to fate, I mean. To Rook.”

“Uhm… we?” Balfour ventured.

“Oh, yes,” Raphael said, grinning. “Can you guess who?” Balfour silently shook his head. “Oh, come on,” Raphael urged, flinging out his hands expressively. “Who else gets called a cindy a lot, apart from you and me?”

“I… well, Ivory, but that’s…” He fell silent, silenced by Raphael’s smug look. “Really?”

“Really,” Raphael confirmed, leaning back and putting his hands behind his head. “Bugs the fuck out of the others, of course, but they can’t do anything about it. Adamo made it rather clear that he’d string their asses up if they tried.”

“He… he did?” Balfour said, and though he tried hard to hide it, Raphael saw a small spark of hope come to light in his eyes. The kid was sort of adorable.

“Sure did,” he replied. “He doesn’t mind us at all, as long as we have sense enough not to provoke the others. Which, considering the beating I took when it first was found out, none of us are that interested in anyway.”

“Oh,” Balfour said, his face softening in compassion. “That’s horrible.”

Raphael shrugged. “No worse than I’d expected. At least Ghislain managed to hold Ivory back.”

“Ah. You’re glad he wasn’t hurt.”

Raphael raised an eyebrow. “I’m glad he didn’t kill Rook, because that would have looked rather bad, don’t you think?”

Balfour laughed a bit hesitantly. “I… I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but it is a bit strange to imagine Ivory…”

Raphael waved his hand lazily. “I don’t mind. It’s almost so I can’t imagine it sometimes, and I’ve been his lover for years.”

“And you’re very much in love with him,” Balfour said softly and, if one listened closely, a bit wistfully. And Raphael was listening.

“Yes. I am. Sometimes I barely know why, and I’m not sure that he will ever figure out why he loves me, but still…” He smiled, and Balfour smiled back. “And you know what? When I first fell for him, I was sure it was absolutely impossible. I mean, Ivory, a cindy? No way. So I wrote tons of poetry” – Balfour blushed involuntarily – “and was miserable about it. And then it turned out that it wasn’t that impossible at all.” This was too easy! Balfour’s eyes – suddenly much softer and warmer, the edge of nervousness gone for a moment – immediately went to the other end of the room, where Adamo was thoroughly beating Niall at chess. “So who’s to say the impossible won’t happen again?” Raphael said gently.

“I- what?” Balfour demanded, guiltily tearing his gaze away.

“Too late, Balfour,” Raphael informed him, turning the young man’s head back so that he was once more looking at Adamo. “All in all, you could have made a much worse choice. And if I know anything, it’s that he cares about you. He’s also not a madman with a knife, which is to prefer, even though I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.”

Balfour turned a deep red and started fiddling with his gloves. “How did you… I mean… Am I really that obvious?”

“Only to another cindy,” Raphael said, winking. “So Ivory knows, too, but I don’t think you’re that worried that he’ll tell someone, are you?”

“Well, uhm…”

“Thought so. And don’t worry, my lips are sealed. It’s not like the lot of them need another reason to be vile to you, right? Besides,” he grinned wickedly, “I’d really like you to succeed. Just imagine the look on their faces! And you’d be good for each other.”

“You… you really think so?” Balfour said shyly. “But we… I mean, he is so different from me…”

“Yes, because me and Ivory are so alike,” Raphael said, rolling his eyes. “Remind me again, when was the last time he cracked a smile? And when was the last time I was quiet for more than two minutes in a row?” He shook his head, still smiling. “You don’t have to be alike to be made for each other. You just have to care enough to overlook your differences.”

“And you… you really think he could care like that for… for me?” Balfour looked like he strongly doubted it.

Raphael thought about Adamo’s voice when he asked if they were going to break into Balfour’s room, and the boiling fury in his gaze when he found out that Rook had stolen that book Amery had given his little brother, and the way he kept taking the same shifts just so he could watch over him. “It’s not impossible,” he said, grinning, and Balfour laughed quietly.




<3 :D
Pfff Raphael why are you so amazing? AND WHY SO ADORABLE BALFOUR?!

God I love Raphael's little rant about how he'd like to kick Rook in the balls. And teasing Balfour about who his lover is and GOD EVERYTHING.

And ohmygod Ivory's little bit at the beginning:

However, Ivory thought as he watched the two of them talking, the problem with having Raphael being nice to you was that… well, was that you had to put up with Raphael being nice to you.


He just can't help it XD And Balfour was born that way, he had no choice ("...he was born with the gift of a golden voice"? Jeebus, I've been listening to Leonard Cohen a bit too much...)

I'd feel like that too, to tell the truth. And teasing Balfour is a very noble art indeed *hugs madly*

*hugs back* I feel like Raphael wants to be like the "cindy mentor" of all of them or something. As soon as someone comes out he's there to try and show them the ropes and fail miserably
"He’s also not a madman with a knife, which is to prefer, even though I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.”
Oooh, I giggled like a mad thing.
Ho God, two out of three of my favourite HM pairing, ridiculously lovable as ever, I can't even express my adoration.
Yay! Happy! *hugs*

Two out of my four XD And Adamo/Balfour might just be my absolute OTP XD Which makes it really strange that I've written so little of it. MOAR. NAOW.
Aww.. More?
Hell yes! XD
<333 This is just so CUTE. I can't even stand it. I love the idea of Raphael going all big brother for Balfour. And EVERYTHING Balfour does is adorable, SERIOUSLY.

My mind is saying MOAR MOAR MOAR, and it's hard to ignore all-caps bad spelling in your brain. XD I just think that your lovely writing could do perfect justice to an Adamo/Balfour getting together oneshot. You know, just to round things off. *puppy dog eyes*
Raphael feels he needs to protect the new generation (and the old one XD) of cindies in the Airman. And I thing adorableness might be a medical condition or something in the case of Balfour.


Raphael's a sneaky bastard. <3

...more please now? go?

He most certainly is! XD

Yes. Oh yes.

If you include the part where Adamo mentions how nice Balfour's ass is and Balfour has to remind himself to breathe I WOULD LOVE YOU.
XD Hehehe. Okay, I think I have to do that. Like, a lot. (BECAUSE YOU ARE A GENIUS, OR HAVE I ALREADY MENTIONED THAT?)


Please do! I'm not a genius, though. xD I just enjoy torturing Balfour a little too much, I think. Thank you anyway. <3
Pfft that was me, by the way. Stupid LJ. D:
lol Twitterfic much? That would be amazing.. There is a sad lack of Adafour or Any-four smut...
But especially Adafour. Totally my new not-exactly-cannon OTP
*dies from the happy*

Oh, there will be more, more, MORE XD Don't worry about that! (Worry instead about being drowned in a never-ceasing flood of fluff-fic from me.... XD)

I mean, seriously, this is so adorable and amazing and you've expanded upon the personalities of the characters while still making them perfectly canon and you have Balfour down wonderfully and Raphael down wonderfully and I love the interaction between them and kdljaf;d.

Please write more. Just please.
*dies a bit* Uhm. Thanks. Uhm. Don't be? *channeling Balfour*

Thank you so much! And thank you for being part of that wonderful conversation that inspired all this. You make such a lovely Balfour, and mine is really just a bleak copy :'''D *jumphugs*

I shall! *big smile*
Oh, please, you flatter too much. *channels a little Caius* My Balfour isn't so lovely, after all, not as awesome as yours. AND IT IS DEFINITELY NOT A BLEAK COPY, YOU.

Nonetheless, I must join in the jumphugging because your fics are always so much fun to read! <3
Aww, Balfour is just so fucking adorable! :D *Snuggles him* I love the way he's getting advice and bonding with Raphael. He's wiser than he acts, no? *Loves on this so much!* I don't even know what to say... >_> Just great! :D
:''D Thank you! And male bonding is very important *nods* XD *hugs*