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A debt to pay, part 1/2

Title: A debt to pay
Part: 1/2
Characters: Jeannot, Ghislain, Luvander
Pairing: Jeannot/Luvander, because I say so
Rating: PG-13, cw: drowning
Summary: Jeannot didn't really think his brother owed him anything. But he was pretty sure he was going to die, so maybe there was some way for them to get even.
Notes: Cut quote from "Breathe underwater" by Placebo.


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Holiday Gift Exchange Fanfic!

There's been a fandom holiday gift exchange underway at tumblr, in the tag #festivebastion if you're over there. I thought I'd make a post here and add links to all the fics and arts as they go up, so there's a record here all in one place. Posting runs from today until December 18th so I'll add links here as we go!


Five Plus One Airmen Luvander Falls In Love With At Christmas
Luvander has a habit of falling in love over Christmas. Pity it usually ends in heartbreak. For the prompt "Festive Luvander, any way you want him. Other Airmen welcome. Bonus points for seasonal singing."
(by moonix for seagreenish/luvanderwon)

Reporting For Duty
In which Laure salutes a lot, Adamo is really not her commanding officer, the dragons are difficult and literally nobody likes Troius. Post-Steelhands.
(by seagreenish/luvanderwon for foxesonstilts)

one look, dark room, meant just for you
Antoinette finds Anastasia in the library.
(by elliefish for spacenaiads)

I Cannot See What Flowers Are At My Feet
They had flown once, and now he was watering tulips.
(by spacenaiads for edgewcrth)

Antoinette finds Anastasia in the library.
(art by elliefish for spacenaiads to go with one look, dark room, meant just for you)

Anastasia/Antoinette: Hipster Punk Girlfriends
(art by foxesonstilts for greaseonmymouth)

to be continued!

Announcement: Small Fandoms Bang Open for Author Sign-Ups!

smallfandombang, the big bang for small fandoms, is open for Round Four!

All small fandoms (once they have been verified as small) qualify, and there is no requirement that you have to have written a long fic before you sign up. Also, the min is only 10,000 words and we give you plenty of time to get your fic written.

Author sign-ups are open now, so check it out! *g* (Artist sign-ups open November 1st.)


A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

FAQ | Rules |Authors | Beta/Cheerleader | Affiliate
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Volstovic Cycle Gift Exchange

Hello, fellow remnants of LJ users! I just wanted to draw your attention to a Volstovic Cycle Gift Exchange which is happening over on tumblr - it would be great to get as many fandom participants as possible since we're so few in the first place, so please join in if you can, or spread the word if you can't! I've copied the text below, and the link to the original post is here.

Also, if you'd like to take part but you don't have a tumblr and don't want to get one just for this, I'm sure using your LJ (or AO3 if you have it) account would be fine, too - I've got a Volstovic Cycle Only tumblr where I'd be happy to host the links to your gifts for you come exchange time if anybody wants to be a non-tumblring participant.

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Fic: The Trouble With Ghosts

Airmen Fanfic, set post-Steelhands, of the fix-it variety. Technically in the same verse as Hopes Up and Ottava Rima but that doesn't really matter. Possibly a first chapter of more. Possibly a one-shot.

Vague sort of mentions of post-war survivor's PTSD... Maybe. I'm not completely sure if it counts. However, if anybody thinks there should be a proper trigger warning let me know and I'll add one!

Spoilers for all books, obviously. Cross-posting to AO3 later.

(The Trouble With Ghosts)
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For those like me who still check this comm regularly

I know Livejournal is a fairly inactive space for this sort of thing now, but I still check this community regularly in the hope of posts, and since linguabriana posted her fic the other day, I'm going to do the same.

THING 1: My bff wrote a beautiful post-Steelhands fix-it drabble a few weeks ago, which is here on AO3. It's a perfect thing. Go forth and lavish your delight upon it!

THING 2: I wrote a reply to this perfect thing that she created, and you can read that here on AO3.

I wouldn't recommend reading them if you haven't read Steelhands.

And if anybody in this fandom is still about and wants to talk dragons and airmen and margraves, let's!
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Rook/Thom Fic: Mais Quoi Que Je Fasse À La Fin

pairing: Rook/Thom
rating: explicit
additional content: student/teacher relationship

summary: Of course it was in fucking French, it was always fucking French with Thom. But as the music dropped out a little for a new verse, Rook figured out what sounded so familiar. Thom’s singing voice was his fucking sex voice.

author's note: set in the same universe as Lightspeed, both of which are part of a much larger AU that I've had in my head since 2010 but am unlikely to flesh out completely outside of short little bursts of gratuitous porn. for the sake of this AU, Rook is 19 (boy got held back a year) so everyone is totally legal and consenting yay!

special thanks to kit for the literal three years of support!

read on ao3


Announcement: Round 15 Open at Small Fandoms Fest!

Our Fifteenth Fest at smallfandomfest is now open for prompt submission!

We don’t think we’re the only ones excited at the prospect of getting a bunch of new fanfic and fanart in our favorite small fandoms. By now you know what we need you to do to make that happen: you have to submit loads of prompts to entice others to write or create art (including graphics, fanvids, and fanmixes)! And if you know anyone else who loves small fandoms, please point them in our direction.

We’ll be accepting prompts through May 21st. For more information or to submit a prompt, read this post and then follow the link to the prompt submission form.

Prompts will be available for claiming on May 23rd.

And if you’d like to sign up to pimp out your favorite small fandom, read this post and comment there.

Thank you!

(My thanks to the mods for allowing this announcement!)


Look what’s here!  It’s the calendar!  A calendar filled with scantily clad airmen!  So exciting!

Do you wanna buy one?  Here’s how.

Hard Copy (gorgeous glossy paper):

Go to Redbubble!  They are $24 USD each, plus Redbubble will bill for shipping.  Make sure to change your country to Canada at the bottom of the page or else Redbubble will inflate the price.  After you order, send an email to and we will also give you a zip file of the digital calendar + artwork for your wallpapering pleasure!

Soft Copy (equally gorgeous digital calendar):

Email, where we will give you all the details!  They are $10 USD and payment will be conducted through Paypal.  With this, you will get the digital calendar and the wallpaper art!

Thanks again go out to our artists (greaseonmymouth (nerak_rose), ithinkitsdashing (ithinktsdashing), eatingfireflies (epithalamium), ningenshiken, requirings, queerprongs, casualite, foxesonstilts (vulpesvortex) along with our mods (greaseonmymouth, ithinkitsdashing, eatingfireflies, ouryoungprovost)!

Some disclaimers follow:

The characters pictured are copyright Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett, all rights reserved.  The art belongs to it’s respective artist, all applicable laws.  Any logos pertaining to Redbubble are theirs.

This calendar is being used to offset costs for the Doodlebook Project, not for personal profit.

If anything happens with the hard copy of the calendar, we are super super sorry and while we will try to help, it is ultimately Redbubble’s responsibility.  If any issues occur, feel free to message ouryoungprovost or email, but again there is only so much we can do.

Also, viewer discretion is advised- it’s a pinup calendar, and it’s the airmen.  They are scantily clad and not in the most appropriate of positions at times.  As you would expect.

(apologies for the delay in posting this to LJ!)