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fushicho_eien in thremedon

So, because my little sister was like "LMAO" all through the story,

I'm deanoning. So. Hah. This is the story for the impatient Adafour prompt.
Be warned, I cant write sex scenes worth a shit.

Title: Impatience Pays
Author: fushicho_eien 
Rating: NC-17, maybe?
Warnings: A bad attempt at a dirty scene
Summary: Balfour and Adamo are lost in the country and terribly impatient. There is water, there is frolicking.

I yawned and looked out the window of the carriage. We were lost. Honestly, I didn’t think that going to visit Caius and Alcibiades would be this difficult, but it seems we had to get the one carriage driver with no sense of direction. Okay, that’s mean. I was just getting terribly bored, not to mention frustrated. And impatient. Adamo wasn’t helping either, with his relentless teasing. At the moment, he was just smiling at me, but earlier--earlier, he wouldn’t leave me alone! I had to force myself to move across the carriage to escape his wandering hands. And that mouth.
I shook my head quickly to remove those thoughts. Not here. We couldn’t do anything right now, ‘cause we were in a carriage and the driver might hear. Adamo of all people pointed this out. Then he ran his fingers up along my arm. Cruel man.
He grinned at me then, leaning forward to hold my hand. I raised my eyebrows, silently asking if he was going to behave. He smirked: hell no. I leaned back: then leave me alone, but I smiled to let him know that I wasn’t angry.
“’Versity’s workin’ ya too hard” he stated, casting a worried glance over my body.
I smiled. He always said that if the silence was getting too uncomfortable, too heavy. And I always said the same thing: “Just as hard as they work the others”
He yawned. “You always say that”
“And you always say they work me too hard. Best to keep a routine”
He chuckled at that, then suddenly he snarled “Fuck this!” and before I could ask what was wrong, he was in the seat next to me, pulling me into his lap.
“Oh!” I said most cleverly before starting to laugh.
“Shut up” he whispered into my hair “You were too far away”
“Well, behave, okay. We cant do anything”
“Oh?” he asked, tracing his fingers along my thigh. “If we’re quiet, we can”
“Yes, well” I squirmed, trying to put together a coherent sentence “You cant--oh!--you cant--stop that!” I forced myself to swat his hand away before continuing “You cant be quiet, and neither can I, and you know it.”
In response, he traced his lips along my neck and slipped his hand under my shirt to rub my back. The hand on my leg was mercifully still, but gripping tightly. I found myself thinking about how that hand felt wrapped around other parts of my body and forced myself to move off his lap, though I couldn’t find in me the strength to once again move across the cabin.
He looked out the window, growling “Where the hell are we?”
I shook my head. “We’ve been lost a while”
“How fucking hard is it to get to Alcibiades’ house?”
I smiled at him and took his hand. He was frustrated as well. Well, I reminded myself, it’s his own damn fault. He was the one doing all the teasing. Not that I minded, really, or that it was irregular in any way, merely frustrating at the moment. The teasing was pretty much foreplay. It could last all day, our game of touch and move on; a heated kiss here, an errant hand there. By the time one of us had cornered the other in an empty--or quickly deserted--room, we were both thoroughly aroused and the sex was always mind-blowing. Always.
But now, trapped in a carriage with relatively thin walls and absolutely no room for much other than sitting, was not the time for foreplay.
“You’re right” he muttered reluctantly, shifting so he had my hand in both of his. “We really need to calm down”
I just hummed and leaned into him, content to let him play with my glove.
Suddenly, the carriage came to a stop, throwing me across the cabin.
“Agh! Fuckin’ hell!” the driver was saying as he opened our door. “Horse’s caught a fuckin’ rock or sommat, so we’re stuck. Best get some walkin in. Stretch yer legs”
Adamo nodded, sharp and stern, a sudden change from the softness of before. “Where the hell are we?” he asked.
“Agh, I aint got no fuckin’ clue. It was a shortcut, but ‘parently it aint no more” the driver said as he walked away.
Adamo softened then, offering me a hand as I got out of the carriage. I took it warily, expecting him to pull me into his body. He didn’t, surprisingly. He did, however, kiss me once I was firmly on the ground. I responded enthusiastically, pressing my body closer to his. He chuckled, low and rumbling, the sound going straight to my groin, and pulled away.
“Weren’t you sayin’ somethin’ about behaving’?” he asked, smirking a bit. I glared at him, causing him to laugh again.
“I think I hear a river or something” I said, nodding over his shoulder.
“Then, let’s go check it out, love” he murmured close to my ear, breath tickling my ear and fingers tracing lightly along my stomach, making me shiver and moan quietly. He took my hand and led me in the direction of the river and I decided that anyone who said that our Chief Sergeant wasn’t as perverted as the rest of the Corps was seriously deluded. And quite possibly more cracked than Caius, which was saying something. He was just as bad, if not worse, just quieter about it all.
We found the river easily; it was only five minute’s walk from the carriage, after all. Then Adamo was behind me, kissing my neck and running his hands all along my body and driving me absolutely crazy by not letting me touch him in return.
I pried myself away with a chaste kiss and walked over to the river bank to take off my boots and socks, rolling up my pant legs. I glanced behind me just in time to see Adamo removing his shirt. I smiled, thinking I love that sight and removed mine as well, walking into the water. When I gasped in shock at the cold water, Adamo looked up sharply from rolling up his pants and asked “What’s wrong?” worry coloring his voice.
“It’s cold!” I laughed, wading over to a protruding rock. “Just wasn’t expecting it, is all”
“Oh,” he said, relieved, and came to join me on the rock. “Okay. Good” He took my hands then and, noticing I had also removed my gloves, kissed them.
“You know, if I ever told anyone about this” I wiggled my fingers for emphasis “they would call me a liar”
“Only ‘cause it’s only you I’m like this with” He traced an old scar on my arm, one I got during my first week in the Corps because I pissed off Rook. It was light and I was surprised he even saw it.
“I know you’ve seen worse” I said, warding off any worried comments as I shivered at his touch.
“Yeah” he whispered, the hand that was tracing the scar on my arm coming around to trace the scar on my back, a mark of lovesick foolishness. A mark of selfishness. “I have. Much worse”
I arched my back, letting out an embarrassing combination of a squeak and a moan. “It--was a long time ago” I said breathlessly
He looked at me steadily. “It should’ve never happened”
“Don’t tell me you’re still blaming yourself?” I chastised. “It wasn’t your fault” At this, I surged forward, sure as I only ever was on Anastasia or in his arms, and captured his lips in a kiss, earning a surprised sound as I knocked him backward.
Suddenly, there was a splash as we both hit the water, soaked to the bone. I darted up, terrified that I’d hurt him, and reached a hand to him to help him up. He came up, laughing and sputtering. “Well, that was unexpected.” He used his grip on my hand to pull me back into his lap. “You’re all wet” he said, wrapping an arm around my waist and toying with my hair as he always did when he was in a good mood.
“So are you” I said, tilting my head back as his lips met my throat. “Are you--ohh--are you hurt? Hey!-I’m-I’m-nnnghAdamo…” I trailed off as his hand moved somewhere a bit further south and he began nibbling on my ear
“No more” he ground out as he began to stroke me. “No more talk”
“Impatient” I teased then moaned loudly as he sucked on my collar bone and moved my hands down to return the favor, gripping loosely and carefully.
“Fuck” he said in surprise as he bucked involuntarily into my hand. Suddenly, he was frantically pulling at my pants, so I stood, making removal easier and he stood as well, practically ripping off the offending garments as if he was angry that mere cloth dared stand between us. Then he shoved me against the rock, kissing and nipping and touching and sucking and pressing and it was a glorious burning feeling, his mouth all over my face, neck, and chest and his hand stroking me under the water.
Then he stopped, making me groan in frustration.
Here?” he asked, likely because it was quite public.
It only took two--well actually one, the other was for emphasis--words for him to shift my legs around his waist and plunge into me. He was always so gentle. We didn’t last long, the hours and hours of teasing with no release catching up with us.
“Adamo” I whispered from my place at his side
“We ought to get back. He only thinks we went for a walk. Hopefully our pants are dry”
He laughed at that “Don’t wanna move” he said, running his fingers through my hair
“Neither do I, but we do have to move, lest we scar some poor kid” I kissed him and he started laughing. “What?” I asked suspiciously.
“I still cant believe you knocked me off the rock!”
“I did apologize for that” I said, smiling
He smirked. “Well, take it back”
“Take what back?”
He kissed me then, soft and sweet. “Take back that apology. You don’t need to apologize for that. It was nice”
“Oh” I said, leaning into his touch as he cupped my face
“We really ought to get back, though”
“Yes, we should”
“Balfour” he said sharply as we stood. I looked over. “Your…your back…it’s…” He looked so upset, so I kissed him, running my fingers through his hair
“It was worth it” I said stubbornly
“It’ll hurt like a bitch later”
“Don’t care. Yours is likely just as bad”
“Don’t care” he said as he took my hand. “Let’s go back”
“Yes, let’s. Caius will be worried if we don’t show soon”
As we dressed, I realized something, and, blushing, shared it with Adamo. “You know, I’m one up on Raphael.”
“Oh, How’s that?” he asked suspiciously, pulling on his boots, saving his shirt for last.
He’s never had sex in an ice cold river pressed against a rock. He told me. More or less.”
What?” he said from his place on the ground. I smiled, guessing he had fallen over at my statement.
“What?” I asked innocently, my face hot
You-talk about-that?” The poor man was absolutely bewildered and, much to my surprise, blushing.
“Sometimes” I said demurely as I helped him up. “Only when I feel like hearing Raphael brag as much as I feel like bragging. And never around Hal.” I added
His face softened, comforted by the fact that I, for one, was not contributing to the corruption of his “kid”. Honestly, I pity the poor fool who ever tries.
Adamo smiled fully then and slung his arm around my shoulders, kissing my cheek, and led me back to the clearing where we left the carriage.
The driver was still fighting with the rock in the horse’s shoe as we entered the cabin.

I also hope I didnt channel too much Caius. Because, well, it's supposed to be Balfour.



I like the idea of Raphael getting into competitions with people about who's had the craziest sex. And I really like the idea of Balfour beating them all.
lol glad you enjoyed that bit, at least..